Chrysalis Sales Policy

When buying animals from anyone ask at least  these basic questions.

Our Sales conditions
All prices include GST

All individual animals Sold over $4400 can come with a complete Vet Health Check if requested.
Females will be confirmed pregnant (unless sold open) by ultrasound prior to sale if requested.

All certified males sold will be sold with retained matings unless otherwise specified.

Animals will only be sold to a customer that we feel will be responsible
 enough to own and care for these wonderful animals, whether they be breeding or wether quality.

With that said all sales over $550 come with full support.
Yes we can offer you and easy payment plan, conditions apply, see below.

It is expected that the purchaser will cover the costs of Transfer (if applicable) for all sales
unless otherwise organised.

We also have other animals for sale not yet listed on the individual or package pages,
or could find the animal of your choice for you.
Please call or email, contact details on main page.

Our Live Birth Guarantee and Remate Policy

Our live birth guarantee is the offering of a free return service if the dam does not have a viable cria.

Chrysalis Alpacas will offer a free return service if:
- a cria is not born (absorbed, retained CL etc) or
- cria is born dead (premature, still born) or
- cria is born with congenital issues (very rare)

 Every care has to be taken of the dam, and the cria, before and during birthing.
 It will be at our discretion whether we extend a free return service if a full-term, healthy, cria is born alive and dies in the next few days.
We do expect due care to be taken of any cria.

Easy Payment plan

We can offer an easy payment plan / Lay- by for purchases over $1000 for a maximum period of 90 days
The conditions are :

A deposit of not less than 20% of the total purchase price of the order,
Further payments are required in two weekly intervals

If the purchase is for animals, agistment will be charged at $11.00 per animal per  week.
Agistment for Animals being serviced will be charged at $9.00 per animals per week.

All lay-bys must be finalised in full within 90 days of the date that the deposit is paid, or as mutually agreed

Failure to complete the lay-by within the 90 day period may result in the lay-by being forfeited, unless mutually agreed

Chrysalis Alpacas must receive payment in full prior to goods /animals being released to the purchaser, unless mutually agreed

If the lay-by is cancelled by the purchaser, the deposit will be considered the cancellation fee, and the purchaser will forfeit that amount, unless mutually agreed

All goods remain the property of Chrysalis Alpacas until the lay-by has been paid in full.

Full contact details are required on deposit, to enable adequate confirmation of the lay-by to be made by Chrysalis Alpacas

We are flexible, and we are sure you will find the lay-by option advantageous